Telemetry as a service – QLine web control center


Since 2005, the company QLine has been providing services of its own Web dispatching center Telemetrie.Cz - Project Q-Dispatching for continuous monitoring of the operation of various facilities of its customers - LPG tanks, water tanks, pumping station, etc. A user has an access to the operational data in SCADA center via internet.


The scope of Web dispatching center services
  • Setting up access to the center on the Internet
  • Data storage in the centre
  • Presentation of operational data - process visualization
  • Indication of breakdowns (the outages)
  • Monitoring of exceeding the operating limits

In the case of outage on the equipment, a data message is sent to the center. In case of critical failures, a maintenance service of QLine is sent to the object. The operating staff is informed about alarm events by SMS messages or e-mails. A user has a permanent access to the SCADA services via internet - Process visualization, Trends, Events, Alarming, Reporting.


Long-term development of communication technology and presentation options Web dispatcher center QLine find a new using in the context of technology industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Nothing to evolve, just connect the data from your cloud IoT to our center, and you run a Web dispatching comfortable with your telemetry.


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