Products and solutions

Products and solutions

One of QLine main activities is the development and implementation of new solutions for telemetry (remote measurement and control systems). Currently, they are also known as M2M solutions or IoT internet of things. The abbreviation M2M represents the communication between people, devices, systems and data converting to information which can be used for further processing. It does not matter whether this is the solution of machine-to-machine, man-to-machine, mobile-to-machine or machine-to-mobile. Our SCADA engine - ® plays the key role in the integration of sensors, machines and equipment into one system.


Our customers are offered practical solutions which acquire them with actual technological advances and communication technologies as M2M, IoT, smart phones and tablets.


We offer proven solutions:

  • Telemetry systems - remote measuring and control systems based on private radio networks and public data nets as GSM /2G-4G , WiFi, Internet. See more.
  • Local control systems of technological production with a control centre and several PLC units - sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, industrial facilities. See more.
  • SCADA®
  • Services of a Web dispatching centre – Project
  • Data gathering system for energy trade systems – components for infrastructure “SmartGrids”
  • Meter data - reading data centres for automated data reading (AMR) for billing and evaluating
  • Software solutions for IT operational support as Outage management, Work management, Energy consumption management, Operational reporting, ... See more.

Our advantages

  • Our experienced and qualified team of top performers is perfectly oriented in the field of automation, information and communication technologies. The Qline team has all the necessary knowledge of production processes of our customers.
  • Guaranteed functionality and reliability of delivered solutions.
  • Own software products with continuous development of key components.
  • Solutions customized exactly according to your requirements
  • Technical support for guaranteed operation is provided.

All of these projects are implemented on the platform QLine own SCADA solutions RETOS, which has been delivered from 1996. See section.

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