Operational information systems

Intranet applications for the IT support of business processes

Outage management system (unscheduled maintenance)


This intranet application is used to support a staff in their common solving outages of water supply. Forms for entering and viewing of a data reporting and statistics are available in an ordinary web browser. Data on outage and operational events are stored in a central SQL database. After entering a User and a Password a menu is displayed with objects and functions associated with the access rights assigned to this user.


Main modules

  • Operating journal
  • Outage
  • Insufficient pressure conditions
  • Insufficient water quality
  • Suspended connections
  • Scheduled repairs
  • Works on water network
  • Table of keys
  • Address book
  • VIP customers

Work and Asset Management(scheduled maintenance)


The application solves the agenda of working standards, the building of annual scheduler of regular activities, work orders agenda and statistics.


This intranet application is used to support the regular activities (maintenance). Forms for entering and viewing information about the plan, hours worked and comparing of a plan with the facts, are fully accessible in a standard Internet browser and there is no need to install special client software for users. This information system is not required for its operation of the existence of GIS but it can cooperate with its objects. Data are stored in a central database on MS SQL Server.


The application is used for the planning and registration of work by organizational units - departments, operating divisions, activities and locations. The standards of work activities create the basis for creating of the annual plan. They determine what, where and how often should be done, according to working standards, and what capacities are needed to perform the task.


Energy consumption management


The application is used for monitoring of information on the consumption and production of electricity, gas and heat, from the definition of tariffs, supply points cards, processing of deductions for monthly or any Readout period to calculating of the amount taken in kWh and CZK and for calculating accruals for economic department. The aim of the application is to create documentation for detailed checking of invoices for supplies of energy.


Water production management - WPM


Intranet application WPM provides complex information support to the whole process of water production from the purchase of water sources for its sale to distributors and it keeps a unified data base in the organization. The application works with dispatching, billing, and economic software.

The output of an agenda is the monthly processing of documents for accounting.


 The application covers the following basic functionalities:

  • Management of measuring points
  • Readout agenda
  • Daily agenda of water leakage
  • Annual planning
  • Monthly statements of production
  • Statistics

Operational reporting - journals

This intranet application is an expansive module of a dispatching portal. The agenda of journals is used to manage the technical and operational information for each operating object. This information may be (due to intranet solutions) easily shared by all authorized staff and it helps to transfer the operating information between dispatchers and to evaluate their work at a managerial level.


The set of applications works over operational databases generated by a RETOS archiving system. It is used for clear evaluation of the monitored operational activities. The scope and agenda of reporting has the individual form for each organization. The advantage of an intranet solution is the fact that all data-intensive operations are performed on a server and do not overload lines of communication. Then the final report can be "sucked" into Excel by a user and the final data can be used for further work.

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