Internet of things (IoT)

Thanks to®smart architecture can Retos effectively use technology of IoT to integrate wide range sorts of technical solutions to industry 4.0. Data presentation techniques give®invaluable ability understandable way and in a vivid context to interpret the data stored in the cloud storage IoT.


Since 2005, the company QLine has been providing telemetry services of its own Web dispatching center Telemetrie.Cz for users without own telemetry infrastructure. QLine offers them Telemetry data hosting. The operational data, gathered by telemetry units, is available in a QLine data centre for viewing and downloading through internet. Internet of Things is therefore logical successor of traditional telemetry services provided by QLine.


Websites Telemetrie.Cz are made in the technology of web responsive design and can be used on desktops and notebooks as well as on tablets and smartphones.

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